An Introduction to Debdale Federation


Redgate School and Yeoman Park School formed a hard federation in September
2010. Hard governance federations such as ours are enacted by legislation and
are a statutory arrangement. The Debdale Federation has a single governing body
and shares an Executive Head Teacher. Although there is only one governing body,
each school retains its separate legal identity in terms of its school category, e.g.
Community. Both schools receive individual school budgets, have separate Ofsted
inspections and report on performance individually.


Federation works on the basis that all schools have their own particular strengths
and advantages, whether it be facilities, staff or resources. Sharing these assets can
make each school even better for its pupils. The Debdale Federation is a partnership
between Redgate School and Yeoman Park School working together and united in
a common purpose to enable all pupils to realise their full potential and to support
them in becoming valued members of the community.