Hello everyone,

Its been a while since our last update, so many wonderful things have been happening in Ladybird Class.

Vicci is now our stand-in class teacher, and she is a welcome addition to our class.

This term we are reading Handa,s Surprise all about a girl who lives in Africa, and she picks some fruit to take to her friend. This had given us lots of opportunities to explore different fruits.  The children have time to feel, smell, taste the different fruit and also use a knife to practice their chopping skills.

In science our topic is "how plants grow".  We have been exploring seeds, looking at big and small seeds. Touching and feeling the texture of seeds and soil. We have had a go at planting seeds in pots, and will soon move on to planting outside in our allotment plot!

During our snack sessions we are continuing to exchange symbols for foods, asking for "lots" or "more" and some were asking for the amounts of snack they wanted.

We have been engaging in counting activities during our maths continuous provision sessions.  Activities such as matching and counting numbers, stacking and colour sorting.

We are also continuing on from last terms PE sessions with Dave, who comes into school on a Friday.  These sessions proved so successful we decided to carry on.   The children are working in two small groups in the hall, concentrating on their core skills, such as balance and co-ordination.

Bye for now

Love from everyone in Ladybirds Class.


Ladybirds Planting