Welcome to the Busy Bees class,

We have lots of exciting learning adventures to embark on and we are sure the children will have lots of fun playing and learning together!

In Bees class all the children are looking after some caterpillars, we have learnt all about how they change over time and turn into beautiful butterflies. Over the weekend we came back to school and the caterpillars have turned into beautiful butterflies! 

Tuesdays will be the 'Bees' turn to go swimming each week, we will be having lots of fun!

     Our topic this term is 'How things grow'. Throughout the topic we will be looking closely and exploring the growth, changes and lots of growing experiments. 

We have been on a visit to the butterfly park last week to look at the different animals and how they live. 

In science we are learning about different variety of plants and animals in their habitats. We are growing our own plants in our allotment, learning how to look after these ourselves. 

Art has been full of colour this term, using lots of different and natural materials to create our art work by 'Andy Goldsworthy'. 

Our P.E sessions are with Dave, who comes into school on Fridays to work with the children on all different skills.