Our Beliefs

Redgate is a caring and well-managed school. It is a great place to learn, where pupils/students develop self-esteem and reach high standards of achievement. Care is demonstrated in new ways and new contexts, opening pupil's eyes to the possibilities of sustainable living by developing;

  • care for oneself (health and well-being),
  • care for each other (accross cultures, distances and generations),
  • care for the environment (near and far).

The retention of staff at Redgate School is extremely good, allowing us to provide a better continuity for pupils.

Working Closely with Parents

We believe that good communication is important to making each child's time at Regdate as happy and successful as possible.

Each child has a Home School diary but parents and staff also keep contact when necessary by phone. If the day has been exceptional, wonderful or very difficult, we will let you know. We encourage parents to do the same, so we can work together and support each other to get the best for your child.

School also has a series of events for parents/parents and children throughout the year, including:

  • Consultation evenings
  • Christmas play
  • Special events e.g. Sponsored events, fairs etc
  • Whole day events for parents and children e.g. Royal Wedding, Olympic Day
  • Leavers/Record of Achievement Ceremonies