Principals Blog     15/11/2017

Last Thursday we carried out our act of remembrance. Nicky showed the children a very moving powerpoint explaining what Remembrance day is about and why we remember. Many of the children demonstrated a good understanding and asked questions such as " We remember the soldiers that died in the war";  " It is very sad."

Then the moment came for the minutes silence. Everyone expected there to be some noise as so many of our children have sensory needs and find assemblies a challenge at the best of times. The lights were dimmed and the timer started. The first 10 seconds seemed to last forever but not a sound was heard. The minute continued and so did the silence. The whole school was in the hall, 50 children sitting for a whole minute in total silence. It was a moment of total awe and wonder. One of those times where the hairs prickle and your heart is full. 

When the minute had finished the screen moved to Flanders field and somber music played as the children left the hall clutching their poppies. 

To say we are proud of children would be an understatement. 

Another example of how amazing it is to be a part of Redgate Academy 

Lest we forget


Pauline Corfield




We have had a number of cases of diarrhoea and vomiting both with children and staff. 

Please read the information on the NHS website about how to treat and prevent ongoing infections


 We now have a mobile app for Redgate school. You never need to miss out on school news ever again!

You can download it from:
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Head over to Caterpillars page in the classes section to see what a great time they had at Yorkshire Wildlife Park



The visit from the theatre company Bamboozle.

The production Storm was amazing. 

"Storm uses elements of Shakespeare’s Tempest and weaves them into a dramatic sequence embracing the sea and ships, islands and magic."

It really was magical to see the children engaging completely with the a sights and sounds of the production. The actors were superb,using the language of Shakespeare, dramatic techniques and intensive interaction to give the children a truly wonderful experience. Please click the link below to see a video of some of our children enjoying the production. Thank you Bamboozle!



   Rochford Review

Recently, the DFE commissioned an interim review that looks at how SEND pupils sound be assessed.

They are now gathering information about the future of assessment for SEND pupils and would like peoples views about this. This survey has a section for parents and carers to complete about P levels. Please take a look and add your views.


Here is the link from Safer Internet Day Please check it out.

Change4life have launched a new app to help parents work out the amount of sugar is in different foods and drinks. To download it to your phone, follow this link